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Somos un estudio de interiorismo, ofrecemos servicios integrales en viviendas, hoteles, restaurantes, locales comerciales y de ocio. Mediante nuestro proyecto relacional queremos hacer felices a nuestros clientes.
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3 Tips to put color in your space.

TIP 1. The structure is the base

¡Let’s go to the beginning! The basic is to know A LOT elements like floor, walls, ceiling and columns – if there are-, because we will use them to add color and color contrast between materials of this elements.


THE CEILING. You can paint the ceiling white matt, or inspire to the left image, add some elements like reed, it’s up to give a particular style to the composition .
THE WALLS. It can be a pasive element (neutral but that is neutral but does not accompany) or a active element, that brings style. Look at the both types of walls that I point you, you can see the duality White- Ligth-Brown.
THE FLOOR. In this case the light tones can bring to the project a uniform and light finish.
          — Color palette —

TIP 2. Furniture brings character

– – –
The color variety also are VERY IMPORTANT in furniture >
– – –

– – –
Hey, ¿Are you seen this smalls wooden beams? They serve for DIVIDE THE SPACES and brings depth
– – –

– – –
We use THE WARMTH of the wood table versus the COLD TONES of the handrail iron
– – –

The furniture can give us a lot of possibilities, it allows us to specify the colors that we can brings to the composition. Use a wooden furniture of different colors will be a plus 

os muebles pueden darnos muchísimas posibilidades, ya que nos ayudan a matizar los colores que queremos aportar a la composición. Utilizar muebles de madera de distintos colores será a plus to keep in mind.

  The contrast is fundamental to capture the public attention.

TIP 3. The atrezzo mark the difference

If there are something that bring style is the atrezzo, find the specific and missing element and fits in it’s not easy, it’s something that we will tell you in the next articles. But you need to know that the atrezzo works to add the touch of the color that space is missing. In this case we use green color adding some plants, they brings a lot of life.


– The lamps are the most important, we use A LOT of them with the same type, different shapes and two colors ( Black and light brown).

Made of braided bamboo, wicker and
recycled carton.

The spotlights are very important as they completely change the environment of the place.

 Por el día tenemos un ambiente cálido,
por la noche con los focos encendidos un ambiente más festivo.

Use a good tonal range that be in tune with the style we want to brings to the place is essential to create an environment that be cozy, functional and unique. This time we wanted show you an example of a real case, a project we was did to Resaurants Presseguer.

We hope to have inspired you and encourage you to start your project!
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